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We offer a full range of treatments after a face to face consultation with a medical professional. This can either be done on the same day or over two separate appointments if you prefer.

Anti-wrinkle treatments, also known as Botox contain botulinum toxin which is administered by injecting it into certain muscles where it acts to relax them and therefore prevents the resultant lines and wrinkles.

Treatments can be used in a variety of areas to achieve smoother results commonly in the forehead, frown areas and crow’s feet (lines at the side of the eyes). Other areas include relaxing bunny lines, dimpled chins and the DAO muscle which can cause marionette lines to form down from the corner of the mouth.

Treatments can also be used to slim square jaws, help to reduce sweating, and show less gum when smiling (gummy smile).

The results can last around 4 months, and you will notice a gradual fading off effect. At this stage you can either return for another treatment or allow the area to gradually return to how it was before, however with repeated treatments, the effects do last longer.



A selection of what our clients think about Dr Louise Pierre Aesthetics.

After months of hmmmming and arrrrrring I finally Had my lip fillers done with Dr Louise Pierre and can’t thank her enough!! . I was a very nervous anxious client and Louise made me feel very relaxed and comfortable.. she explained in such great detail everything she was about to do, pre treatment aftercare all my millions of questions etc… the treatment itself shocked me even more because it was literally painless. I’m over the moon with my lips and would definitely recommend Louise if you are thinking about getting any facial aesthetics. Thank you so much Louise honestly you have given me a whole new level of confidence.. 10/10 

Jayde Lashes

Absolutely fantastic service and very professional. Louise made me feel very comfortable and at ease, very easy to talk to and would recommend to anyone I will definitely be returning.

Melissa Ovenden

Very professional. I felt confident having a Dr, highly skilled in this area, working on my face. I have had very raised eyebrows in the past, from other providers but this time the correct muscles were treated. I look the same ‘me’, just 10 years younger…

Jude Evans

Thank you so much for the great experience I had at your clinic. I’ve always wanted my lips bigger and Botox and you delivered!! Now I’m so happy with my results…. thanks again.

Julie Vermeijden

A week on from my first dermaplaning session. My face feels and looks great. A real glow and can’t believe how much dead skin cells were removed. Makeup even looks better!! Thanks Dr Lou!!! Can’t wait for the next session

Jennifer Thomas

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